I’m wanting to avoid buying these books and then having problems distributing them due to some kind of permissions issue. Then I'll have to return them and waste time, deal with customer service, blah, blah, blah...

Any Problem Buying Multiple Copies of Same Book?

I manage a documentation team and want to buy multiple copies of the same e-book so everyone has a copy. Any problem with me buying all 9 copies and then moving 8 of them to other computers?
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  • Hi Tim,

    Yes, you can buy multiple copies of an ebook and share them with other members of your team. Our ebooks are DRM-free, so you won't have trouble moving them between computers.

    One thing you may want to consider is having the members of your team set up free oreilly.com accounts, so that they'll have access to download the ebooks in their accounts and be able to redownload and to get updates.

    If you want to do this, you could purchase the ebooks in your account and then email order@oreilly.com to request that they move the ebooks to your team members' accounts. They would just need the order number and list of accounts.

    If it's simpler for you to just have the ebooks in one account, that's fine too.

    If you think that this is something you may be doing often, you might want to contact Leslie Crandell, our corporate sales manager, about discounts and options we have available for bulk purchases. You can contact her at lcrandell@oreilly.com.

    Let us know if you have any more questions.

    Have a great day!

    Rachel James
    O'Reilly Media
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