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I’m perplexed

Any plans for a book on Swish? Maybe Missing Manual?

Are there any plans for a book on Swish (the alternative to Flash)? It would be nice because there seems to be a serious lack of documentation on this tool, and it's real sad too because it's a cheap alternative to Flash.
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  • Hi, Matt,
    We've no plans at the moment to do a book on Swish, but let me ask you this: Would you be into buying learning resources on Swish in non-book formats? I ask because when a market is fairly small, as with Swish, the up-front investment in printing books can make it comparatively risky to publish. On the other hand--and given that more and more technology users are getting their self-learning materials from video, ebooks, web-searches and elsewhere--if we can create something of value for you in digital format, let us know.
    --Steve Weiss, Executive Editor, O'Reilly Media
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