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Aldiko crash in "SQL Pocket Guide" after displaying Strata ad

An advertisement :-( for the appears in my epub version of the SQL Pocket Guide after the front cover. Trying to turn past that page results in the message, "Unfortunately, Aldiko has stopped" and I'm returned to the list view; try again, and it takes me back to the home page. Nor can I bring up the menu to manually select a different page without getting the same error. When I try to go back from the ad to the front cover, the ad displays again and I get the same error. Aldiko version 2.2.3 on Android 4.0.3 (Lenovo IdeaTab A2107A-F). Tried rebooting the tablet, tried deleting and downloading the book again from the store.

I was able to delete the book once more, download it yet again, and this time, go directly to the TOC and jump to the real first page from which I was able to proceed normally.

Please remove this booby-trap from this or other epubs.
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