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Adding O'Reilly eBooks to Kindle Library

I just bought the O'Reilly upgrade to "Using Drupal". I have a Kindle being shipped to me and in the interim am using Kindle for the PC. The book (sans upgrade) is already in my Kindle for PC library. My question is: "How do I get my purchase into my Kindle library"?
I clicked on the mobi button and have downloaded the file, but see no way to import it into the Kindle for PC program. From what I have read, I will be able to transfer it to the Kindle via USB. Can I possibly add it to my Kindle library so I can see it before my Kindle is delivered?
Amazon also allows eBooks to be sent to my library via an email to Can I send it there from my O'Reilly account?
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  • Hi KeyPlayer,

    Here is a link to a How-To Guide on loading Mobi files to the Kindle for PC program (you do not need to transfer via USB for this):

    Also, as you mentioned, you can also email files to your Kindle account, following the instructions here:

    You can't send mail directly from O', though, so you'll need to open the mail client of your choice, attach the Mobi file to your message and send it to your address.

    Hope this is helpful,


    Sanders Kleinfeld
    Publishing Technologies Specialist
    O'Reilly Media Inc.
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