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I’m frustrated

Access training CD corrupted my PC?

I started using the Access Personal Trainer book and CD. I thought the content was terrific, but after installing the software on the CD to run the interactive training, several websites I had previously visited regularly stopped launching. I get the message that the website cannot display: one is a distance ed course and the other AOL, both of which are viewable from other computers. I noticed the problem the day after I used the CD and had not installed new software in months.
I have updated by browser and Flash, in case they were a factor, cleared out unused software, scanned for viruses and spyware. I tried System Restore and cannot restore to a date before the Access training CD software installation-- in fact it tells me the Restore was incomplete. So I cannot restore to previous functionality. The only conclusion is that the training program corrupted something critical that is now interfering with my previously unproblematic PC. Can anyone offer some insight?
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