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Access 2013 Bible - pg 274, "In Operator" errata

I Purchase Access 2013 Bible. There isn't an Errata Link so I am using this forum.
Page 274 gives two examples of using the IN operator with VBA IF Statements. However If statements with IN operator will not compile. Here are some examples:
Sub TestBook() ' pg274
Dim strCity As String
strCity = “Philadelphia”
'Compile Error expected expression - In Highlighted
'If strCity Not In (“Pittsburgh”, “Philadelphia”) Then Debug.Print "In List"
'Compile Error expected ) - In Highlighted
'If Not (strCity In (“Pittsburgh”, “Philadelphia”)) Then Debug.Print "In List"
'Compile Error expected: Then or Goto - In Highlighted
'If Not strCity In (“Pittsburgh”, “Philadelphia”) Then Debug.Print "In List"

End Sub
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