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I’m disappointed

"Mining the Social Web" (2011) is useless for Windows 7 users

Why don't any of the code examples in the first chapters of "Mining the Social Web" work on a Windows 7 computer running Python 2.7 with all of the necessary modules properly installed? And why doesn't the author's website address these issues? As a longtime reader of your books, I have high expectations which have always been met until I bought this book (2011 publication date... hardly an antique). I am shocked that the author's support site charges money to get answers to questions like this. None of your other authors have pay support sites.
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  • Hi Richard,

    Have you checked out the errata page for the book here -
    There have been changes to the Twitter API since the book came out that are detailed there.
    If those don't help, could you send a note to me at with more details about the problems you are having, such as example number, error messages, etc. That way I can pass it on to the author to get help.
    Also, can you give me the link to the author's "pay support" site? I'm not seeing that.

    Chris Olson
    O'Reilly Book Support
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