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I’m confused

"Get Info" and creator codes - why are they different?

How does "Creator" info from the "Get Info" command in Finder relate to the "Creator Code"?
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  • Hi Bob,

    Which application, book or context is your posted question related to at O’Reilly? Q: How does "Creator" info from the "Get Info" command in Finder relate to the "Creator Code"?

    This brief explanation and information might help.

    Creator Code
    Each application must have a unique creator code in order to make this technique work properly. If you release a self-written application to the world outside of your home, then you should register your own code with Apple's central database. This database has only one purpose: To make sure that no two different programs use the same creator.

    When you open the text file in the Finder, the Finder finds the application with the matching creator and launches that app and tells it then via an AppleEvent to open the document.

    How the Finder locates the creator application of a document
    Written April 3, 99 by Thomas Tempelmann,

    Mace Bergmann --
    Online Services Community Advocate
    O'Reilly Media Inc.--
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