$4.99 eBook upgrade doesn't work (Code Complete & Unix Power Tools)

Looked around - seems like a common issue...I've tried to use the $4.99 ebook upgrade and it doesn't work correctly.

This upgrade is for "Code Complete 2ed"[http://shop.oreilly.com/product/97807...] - the (paper) book is listed in my account. I thought I should get the ebook before Microsoft Press leaves oreilly.com.

I can click on the "$4.99 Ebook Upgrade" link, but when my cart is shown, the ebook is listed as $15.99 (marked down from $39.99).

Update: Just checked, and the $4.99 eBook upgrade doesn't show up correctly for my copy of "Unix Power Tools, 3ed" either (figured I might as well get too that while I'm here!)
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