“head first iphone&ipad development”Chinese version is a BULL-SHIT

your book "head first iphone &ipad development" Chinese version, it was translated as a BULL-SHIT ! please check their work ! please contact your China publish partner "人民邮电出版社",how dare they did such a bad work !!! the translation was so RUBBISH !

they lied to customer,they lied to you ! if you find some professional translator,they can tell you,“head first iphone&ipad development”Chinese version this book's chinese translation how BAD !!

please take back your authorization. and give me the money back !
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  • Hi Bennyyao,
    Thanks for bringing that to our attention. We're sorry the translation was of poor quality. As to the refund, if you can give me your oreilly.com order number I'd be happy to issue a full refund for it. If it was purchased from another vendor, please return to them directly and they should honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    As to the translation errors, it's probably best to send some examples to our translation department at rights@oreilly.co.uk so that they can investigate.

    Tai H.
    Customer Service Rep,
    O'Reilly Media
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