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I’m happy that I've found you. I know you guys can send me down the right path. I've been loading and unsoading os and firmware and formatting the drive. . . I think linux is my white knight

100 year old mom wants her email is Linux possible

yikes here's a question simple to you but a mystery to me. My mom is 100 going on 101 and she wants to email again. The dial up modem is dead so I have a comcast wireless modem hooked up to here "little blue and white iMac destop with the screen and all in one piece" Its a PowerPc G3 speed 350 mhz. Right now 9.2.2 is the OS. I need 10 for a good browser and don't want to buy. I think its best to put linux on the machine. Where can I download linux that will function on this machine. Do you think its a good idea?

Can't wait to hear your answer. By the way I upgraded the firmware during one of the many attempts to get this working well.

Anita Pandolfi
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