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**Total** smartphone noob: Which "FD" edition?

I am a TOTAL SMARTPHONE NOOB (have NEVER used one) AND a lifelong Mac user.

I just ordered a $50 4" Blu phone that runs Android Jellybean 4.2. I want to buy "Android for Dummies" to learn my way around, but both the 2nd and 3rd editions are available. Will the 2nd edition cover everything I need to know for that OS?

I'm thinking I'll want to avoid the 3rd edition, IF it's going to cover the latest-and-greatest OSes, and leave me wondering about my (older?) OS. OTOH, if there is very little difference between the OSes, but I'd actually benefit from the info in the latest edition, I'll gladly get it instead. (Yeah, I'm a noob ... AND an analytical one at that!)

Thx for your help ...
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