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"intro. to machine learning with python" accessing mglearn

I am working through the examples in the book, but can't access the mglearn module, or rather some of the attributes to be more precise (e.g. 'datasets')

I am running Python 3 and have installed sci-kit learn version 0.18. I also did a $ pip install of mglearn

I researched the GitHub site, but don't understand much of what is written there.

A few examples:

"You don't need this repo, all the code is there!"

Where is "there" ?

"This here is a stand-alone package in case you really feel like you want to install mglearn, for some reason or another."

what does "some reason or another" mean ? Mglearn is integral to the examples in the book and I thought installing mglearn using pip install was standard practice

Or you can just check out the notebooks from the repository above, and add the path to the mglearn subfolder to your PYTHONPATH environment variable (or set it in your IDE).

"check out" which notebooks ? where is the mglearn subfolder to be found ? and what is a PYTHONPATH environment variable ?

Thanks for any clarification and advice.
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