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I’m frustrated

.epub version of Kathy Sierra's "Badass: Making users awesome" unusable

Though I tried Kathy Sierras "BadAss:Making users awesome" on several different E-Book readers & devices I couldn't find any combo that displayed the .epub version correctly. The mix of text & pix was simply unusable.
Could you please indicate on which device(s) & Apps/programs you have tested it before ?
P.S. the .pdf version displays correctly, but it is a REAL NOISANCE to rescale it again & again on a smartphone.
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  • Hi Walerie,

    The EPUB for Badass was created in a special format called "fixed layout" (, in order to preserve the graphical layouts of the print and PDF versions of the book, which would be lost in standard reflowable EPUB.

    Fixed layout is not supported in every ereader. It is primarily supported in iBooks for iOS and for Mac desktop.

    We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so If you do not have a fixed-layout-compliant ereader, and would like a refund, we'd be happy to assist you with that.

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