• Trickle-charger not working (pics included) - Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot

    … (http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stor...) with a connection to the Arduino Leonardo and it powers it just fine. I'm led to believe that perhaps I misinterpreted the instructions … (2013-02-07)

    Tags: make, arduino-controlled, robot, trickle, charger, problem

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  • Motor noise unintentionally driving servo - Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot

    … forums on the web have encountered problems with our robots due to excessive noise caused by the DC … seem to cut it, as my servo turns to the right whenever the motors are running and the Arduino is behaving strangely, at times not having repeatable results … (2013-02-07)

    Tags: motor, noise, make, arduino, arduino-controlled, robot, servo

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  • Updated Make an Arduino Controlled Robot Book still refers to the old Adafruit Shield

    … Book: Make an Arduino Controlled Robot By Michael Margolis Publisher: Maker Media, Inc Ebook: October 2012 is showing as updated as of September … (2014-11-16)

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    • Hello Max, Thanks for your interest in Make an Arduino Controlled Robot Book. Let me check in with someone from the publisher (Maker Media), so I can provide you with an informed answer on this. Best regards, Paul Fichera O'Reilly Media (2014-11-17)
  • Battery charger detection problem_Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot

    Hello, I tried to run the code detection and battery charger encounter compilation errors. Am I doing it wrong or is that the web code contains errors? I have commented out without checking mode battery connector and not do it. Help please. (2013-01-22)

    Tags: robot, battery, detected

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  • Use of IRremote library in "Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot"

    … . When I loaded the IRremote library that he provides, restarted arduino app on Mac, I got 0 when printing out ir results with leonardo. Same problem with arduino. I was using the test irreceive sketch in the library. However, when I used the library from the GitHub for IRremote and changed … (2013-05-23)

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  • Make An Arduino Controlled Robot Missing Chapter 7

    I purchased this book a while ago. I have been working through it until I got to Chapter 7. The book is missing pages 105 through 132. And this is precisely the section that I need to learn. What do I do? (2013-07-26)

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  • Make an Arduino Powered Robot - all motors have stopped working

    … know where else to turn for help with this. I am going to join a hackspace to see if anyone there can help me, but perhaps if anyone here has experienced this issue they might be able to point me in the right direction. I received the four-wheel arduino robot kit, and the capacitors missing. Bought … (2014-08-13)

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    • … , Sorry that you are having difficulty with this, but thanks for your interest in the book Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot. I have contacted someone that might have more insight on the problems you are facing with getting the motors to function. When I have more information I will be in contact … (2014-08-13)
  • irRemote_Arduino-Controlled Robot

    … IR receiver tsop4838. I've connected to the Arduino as the book says, and then I loaded the sketch " … press the keys on the remote but nothing happens. I tested with three different controls I have at home and not work. Do I need some kind of TV remote with … (2013-02-02)

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  • 4wd Chassis with Mega2560, only two motors run

    4WD Chassis with Arduino Mega2560 board on two robots. In both cases only the Right Front (motor ) and Left Rear (motor ) operate. All motors … (2014-05-19)

    Tags: robots, motors, arduino, 2560

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    • … -1.   Initial motor test for 4WD Margolis, Michael (2012-10-19). Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot (Make: Projects) (p. 68). Maker Media … (2014-05-19)
  • Edge detection sensors?

    … Rover, that accompanies the book "Make an Arduino controlled robot", it appears that there are some parts missing to mount the two reflectance sensors for edge detection. The plastic spacers … (2013-01-08)

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